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Joe, I'm with you 100 %. When I took my serve safe class they taught that you should wash your hands before putting on gloves. Immediatly after removing the gloves you should wash them again! I'm not sure why. It seems that when I was growing up my mom could cut up a chicken without hoseing down the entire kitchen and the car we drove it in with disinfectant! My dad would tell me that they spiced up rotten or old meat with alot of spice and called it sausage so it could be used instead of being thrown away! I fought constantly with my EX-WIFE about medical care for my 2 sons. Every time they got a runny nose she would take them to the doctor. She felt that we were paying for it so what the hell. They never built up any natural resistance to anything so to this day the are always sick. Can you tell you hit a hot button with me? See ya soon. John.
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