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The photos are hard to go by. the light was a bit much for really getting detail.

Chicken looks dark, though. Ribs look pretty good, though I happen to like putting the ribs more together. Pork looks good but potentially dry, and brisket looks uneven and a bit sloppy.

If you're going to use garnish, make it more even.

If you're not going to sauce, rethink that; just more and more, I think teams are shooting themselves in the foot by not using some sauce on their meat.

for example: let's say 100% of judges (let's call it 100%) like sauce, and 70% like dry, also. pretty much 1/3 of your table is potentially going to count you down just for not having sauce. They shouldn't, no, but if they think that sauced tastes better, you should present them sauce, especially considering that 0 judges are going to count you down for having sauce.
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