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Originally Posted by Sledneck View Post
So far nothing has been reported at an event but these issues having been coming up more frequently. Look at what happened recently at Topps Burger.These people were in business and did it everyday as a for-profit business and looked what happened. They shut down. An outbreak happens at a contest and 6 judges get sick from one entry?If they couldn't survive how would we? We need to start thinking of precautions in our ever changing world to make sure our sport survives

I agree. The meat industry is just that, a business. They make their money by production. The more they ship, the more they make. Cleaning time is down time, and lost production. So they want to keep that to a bare minimum.... My brother works in food production and I could tell you some stories that would really make you not want to eat again.....

It is kinda scary as we rely on the slaughter houses to provide us with a safe product to cook for the judges. I agree with you on this one.

Now go make that instant read safety device.... you would make millions on it I am sure.
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