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Originally Posted by Sledneck View Post
It does say that it was from the vendors and not the competitors. Even though i judge occasionally it is on my mind of something happening. You don't know the source. You eat food from possibly 24 different teams. Their is nobody watching us as far as how we handle the food when we cook for a contest. It is rare but it is scary thought.I do wish their was a handheld tester that a rep who is doing inspection could touch each piece of meat and test it. I think I'm going into the garage and invent one
I am going to comment on this one, and I hope I can make it sound like I mean it.

I think for the most part, the competitors are a clean bunch of cookers. I know I cook my meat to the correct temp., I clean my utensils well, and spray with tested bleach water. The part that I am concerned about for the judges, is the time frame that the cooked meat sits from the time it leaves us, to get to them, and the temp drop that it gets. I have heard stories how the meat is actually cold, and the fat has set.... how true that is, I don't know.

I agree, with you how the concern on how it is handled, or not handled and on how safe it is. But, apparently it is for the most part safe, as I haven't heard of any outbreak with tainted food among the judges, have you?????

It states that no health permit had to be acquired.... I know this varies from state to state, but I would think that it would mandatory at an event like that.... kinda scary...... Makes me not want to eat at any events now.
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