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Found some matches.
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Ok, you'll never guess what I did this last weekend. I took my "Geto Style" UDS to a KCBS comp in Canton GA . This was our first comp and let me tell you it was great! We placed 25 out of 38 teams overall. I came in 17 with my pulled pork cooked on the UDS! This is a great smoker. We also got 12 on the brisket, not bad for our first comp. Just thought I would let Ya'll know. Here is some pic's of the turn in boxes. We Also had the #6 Sauce out of 62. What a great weekend. Now I have to go sleep for a week. Thanks for you guys help with everything.
Imported Photos 00048.jpg
Imported Photos 00051.jpg
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Imported Photos 00057.jpg
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