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looks like you may have some burnt ends or chunks at the back to make the slices stand up and fan. Makes it look odd. Agree with comments on bending slices.

Garnish is not very good and while it's a meat contest the first overall impression is what you see in the box. I see a bunch of lettuce up front covering the first slice. That top slice neeeds to be in full view and needs to glisten. That's what the small paint brushes are for in our presentation boxes. If you take a competition class (Mike D., Rod, Trigg, etc. they show you their presentation boxes and all I can say is they sure are Kodak moments.

Sauce application to slices is good except for some ends. I'm guessing maybe you used hands to put in the box and rubbed off a little sauce and didn't go back and touch up. For brisket allow 2 minutes just to do little touch ups so everything is uniform and glistens.

Meat looks very well cooked and I'd be happy to sample a slcie as a judge.
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