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Default Birth of a UDS aka "Da Phoenix"(w/help from many Brethren)

So many Brethren to thank for this: Starting with HBBQ for the barrel, Country for the use of the weed burner(and burning it), inspiration that came from so many others- mista, Brian Socal, keale, swamp et. al, and what can you say about this guy Norco? Farken artist that never sleeps with the a blow torch and plasma cutter! Would have taken me months to get done what he did in less than 24 hours. Guess he figured it was better to do it himself than having me on his cell phone bugging the chit out of him. Big mahalo's brother!
My job was easy: sand it, paint it, and find a lid and 2nd grate for it. Did that today with a 10 dollar purchase of a weber kettle on CL. Dude lived up the street from cRocke.
Anyways....heres some pics of the first day I got it home, seasoned it up wit an oak log, small bag of charcoal left over from a tailgate in 1995, and some left over but drippings. Thought I should throw some polska kilbasa and chitty ribs on it that day so as not to waste the oak log.










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