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I think that air bake pan might be a waste. I was hoping that it would keep the steam in the water pan longer due to the condensation forming on the bottom of the pan dripping back in. Does it or not? I don't really know, in theory I suppose/or might last a little longer.

I'm not really worried about adding steam in the cooking chamber. I think most meats have plenty of moisture and with the insulated doors it will keep plenty in there unless the user keeps peaking. When cooking brisket, I cut off the fat cap and put it on the rack above the brisket so it can self baste throughout the cook, that seems to work nicely and allows the cook to get more rub and smoke into the meat. Keep in mind, this info is coming from a team that's only used BWS's for less then a year, so take it for what you think it's worth. Old Dave probably has a better answer/idea/recommendation if you want to ask him on the BWS discussion area.
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