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Default Backwoods Party Mods

I did a few mods to my Party recently. Used some 13 gage expanded metal and cut it to size (4pcs)to fit the firebox. Next I took some saftey wire and did two twists per corner to stabilize the frame and tapped it into place. No welding required. I more than doubled the capacity of the firebox as a result and eliminated the problem of charcoal falling of the side when I load it up. Also the pics below show the heat divertor mod, and all parts were purchased directly from Mike for under $40. I had a friend tack them in for me, took maybe 5 minutes (I wish I could weld) With both mods I went from 4-6 hrs to 9-10 hrs and was able to hold an even temp for most of the time. I did have to mess with the dampners here and there in the latter part of the cook but it wasn't that bad. I also used half of the water I used to with the new mods. Thanks to the recent threads on diffrent firebox mods from my fellow brethern this went very well and was fun.

Standard Firebox

Basic finished frame

Front view, note the lower front for tossing in wood without having to pull firebox.

Frame tapped into place.

Finished firebox loaded for pic purposes only

Cooker with heat divertor support rails tacked in.

Close up of rails installed.

Finished product with heat divertor and firebox mods.

I didnt snap a pic but I wound up cutting a 45degree angle on the front of the expanded steel for clearance in front. The steel would catch a little on the heat divertor sheet and pull it slightly when you pulled out the firebox.
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