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Default Food Safety to excess?

Are we (generic we) going overboard on food safety? Some things like washing after handling raw proteins, refrigeration and such are just sensible, but Im noticing a disturbing trend of the nanny state creeping into our kitchens in the same manner as bicycle helmets were foisted on us. This was brought to a head for me today as I watched the county health department shut down a Cub Scout fundraiser in a shopping center (they were selling pre-packaged peanuts and popcorn) because they had a bowl of popcorn out for sampling The HD clown made them close up and leave because they didnt have a certified food manager really! Also I see where starting 01/08 in Pennsylvania any business that sells any food item (yes pre-packaged too) will be required to have a certified food manager on site at all times.

Soon will it be No more bake sales? No more roadside BBQ or other goodies? How soon before our kitchens are in the HD domain and you need a permit and inspection for a dinner party?

Have we gone overboard?
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