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Just completed my 2nd UDS. Going to give it to a friend of mine. Here are the materials I used. These instructions are for the non-metal working capable among us(me included).

4 - ¼" x 3.5" stainless steel partially threaded carriage bolts
8 - ¼" stainless steel nuts
These hold the grate.
22" Replacement grate from Academy - $5.99

Charcoal bowl from academy - $4.99(Punched a bunch of holes in this with the step bit)

4 - ½" x 6" black pipe nipple
4 - ½" black pipe caps
8- ½" locking nuts for conduit - steel, not galvanized.
These provide air flow and hold the charcoal bowl

Used a step bit to cut the holes for the pipe. About 3" from the bottom. Used ¼" drill bit to drill the carriage bolt holes about 27" from the bottom

This barrel had to have the lid cut off and I am using the lid from my first UDS as the lid for this one. On my first UDS, I use my weber kettle lid.

This barrel was brand new and had no interior coating, so no need for a burn out. I may hit it with the weed burner just to make sure.

I left the original paint on the outside, I think it will be fine. If it starts to peel, I will let my buddy handle that one.

In the lid, I punched four ½" holes and inserted SS hole caps.
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