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Originally Posted by Sledneck View Post
I did renew my status but only as a single. My wife is a CBJ as well had i known that was the rule i would of renewed as a family for just a few more bucks. I thought the only difference was that we recieved two bullsheets when we were both members. can i upgrade and pay the difference?
Sledneck, the family membership is discounted the cost of the Bullsheet, because the office will only mail you one copy. I bet if you call, you can upgrade to a family membership.

When you take the class for the 1st time everyone must join. There is no family membership at that time. Thereafter, the family rate is offered.

There is no requirement as to how many times you must judge. You are invited at NO CHARGE to audit any CBJ class offered anywhere by KCBS. I think this is a great benefit to our members. Of course you do have to be a member in good standing (pay dues) to enjoy this opportunity.

To put it simply. There is no such thing as a CBJ! MIMs trains judges and you are then a trained MIM judge. IBCA has training and you are an IBCA Judge.

KCBS CBJ's have the title of CBJ while they are members of KCBS. If your not a member then your a lay person who has some training and experience.

I think this discussion it great. I hope to see some audit my classes in the future.

Yours in Q
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