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Default Bradford Pear.......

Bradford Pear is an ornimental tree used in several cities to dress up their parks. Many will say it is not suitable for smoking and say it is a very dense wood making it a pain in the arse to deal with.

I know of only one person that admits to using it.

I grabbed up some Bradford Pear in August 2006. I wanted to find out my self. If it was good great. If not, I would not have much to get rid of. I used Bradford Pear yesterday on two whole chickens. If all crapped out, I was out some time and maybe $10 in chicken.

I cut the logs into about 10" sections and let them season that way. I used a hatchet to spilt wood the same size with out problems before so gave it a try. Nope, too dense so I broke out the splitting maul. From there I had no problems.

The wood burned well and I used no more than some other woods I have used in the past.

The chicken skin had a nice golden brown color. The same as I have gotten from pecan and apple.

The finished product was quite yummy. An obvious smoke flavor was present but not bitter or over powering.

My over all opinion of Bradford Pear is a good one. Would I use it again? Yes I will!
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