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Originally Posted by tony76248 View Post
When I was in the restaurant business.....(I was the dish washer/busboy/kitchen gofer and I ate my weight in food about every three or four days).... We would take all of the left over meats and make something else with them. Here is a list a foods you should avoid if you care.... I can tell you, we got our money's worth out of our meat grinder.

Chicken and Turkey Croquettes, The type of croquette will be determined by which ever flavor is dominant.

Ham Croquettes, they also use chicken and turkey mixed in these, if there is some laying around, again the dominant flavor prevails.

Salmon patties or croquettes, they will add left over varieties of white fish, that said the salmon flavor is always dominant.

Let us not forget Meatloaf, any, all and most beef and pork products will reside here.

Now the establishment I worked in was a cafeteria type restaurant, that equals old folks...and they were always asking for the croquettes too. I can guarantee that we didn't have any meats laying around that place. We turned over our stock every two or three days as I would imagine most restaurants do.

Another thing to avoid is any type of preseasoned/marinated meat at the grocery store. When the meat's go out of date it can be unpackaged cleaned, seasoned and repackaged for a new shelf life date. When my wife was a deli manager at a large supermarket chain in Atlanta we saw a lot of this.

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