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Originally Posted by Don Marco View Post
Congrats and good luck with your new ove... um... smoker

I wonder how it performs.
I īve seen em in a german online store a couple of days ago, too, but its way overpriced.

How much are the "pucks" in the US and how long do they last ?
Do the Pucks produce only smoke or smoke and heat ?

According to their site it is about $1 an hour to run including pucks and electricity. Not too bad considering what I spent in wood and charcoal.

I am intrigued by the digital control of temperature and frequency of smoke. The door forms an extremely tight seal so less smoke should go further. By automatically dumping the "spent" pucks into a water bowl it supposedly cuts down on any bitter taste.

I picked up 2 large racks of babybacks that will make their way into it in the next few days. That and I am going to try the bean I was braggin about a couple of weeks ago in it.
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