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Thanks for riviving this...

Ummmmm------can you make a shoe stink? Sorry, joking, ....YES!
The act of frying bird has rejuvenated my belief in Thanksgiving. No longer do we have to eat the shoe strings prepared by my mom.

When my brother and wife and I started this practice 2 years ago, my mom became offically retired from bird duty. Turkey has never tasted so good.

We do 1/2 Canola and 1/2 peanut oil. First part Canola to make wanton appitizers during the football games. Then add the peanut oil, and fry 2 cornish game hens as more appitizers are needed for the cocktails that are now being consumed.

Then, its turkey time! I like to do two, one with cajun injectors and one with savory. Both have streaks all over the place, but nobody in my family seems to care.

This year I plan to stick a 3rd one in the freezer. Brine it and cook it on my brand spankin new weber rotisierri I get for christmas.

Man I love Thanksgiving. Fried bird and Beaujeaulias!
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