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Originally Posted by Brian in So Cal View Post
Quick question, I want to do the burn on my drum, I saw someone used wood and piled it high. I was going to do the same thing and realized that the wood I have is hardwood like eukalptis and oak (Yea I know, Spelled it wrong). Can I use these woods are will it mess it up for cooking.


P.S. I also have a chitload of pine. But i know better. Also a lot of 2x4's which I know is also pine. I saw a picture on someone in this thread using that.
Are you burning off the lining? If so, just start a raging fire in it and let it get as big and hot without setting SoCal ablaze, you could layer/stack the wood in it and if you know where the intakes are going to be drill the holes now before you strike the match and really let the oxygen flow! This is such a PITA that it's almost worth it to find an unlined drum, but hey! after you've done it you'll see what I mean! The object of the UDS is to do it cheap and doing it yourself and I did! The second, third, fourth and waiting in the wings fifth drum are all unlined. UDS#1 is now just a burn barrel, givin it up for progress!

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