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It's official, I HATE you guys with a passion!!!!!!
Here was I, progressing along life's highway like a happy boy, when I discover you'r forum. Not only has it driven me to purchase a Weber Go Anywhere grill and a Rapidfire chimney starter whilst pursuing inventive ways of retaining moisture in my meat whilst grilling, now (despite collecting several old propane cylinders to build a reverse offset) I'm giving very serious consideration to building a UDS!!!! A local company sells drums on Ebay for £7.00 (I might even be able to get one from work gratis), the cooking grilles are about £14.00 each new from Weber or I'll buy a sheet of expanded stainless mesh and make 'em, I can get valves for air regulation from the skip at work, I've already got some steel to make a base frame and I think there's some castors lurking in my shed and the results you've all had look sooooo tasty.
What's stopping me? SWMBO saying "but I though you were going to make one out of gas cylinders?"!!!!!
I hate you lot
p.s. when I build one (see, when not if you gits!!!!) is there any point including a water pan in the design, purely to keep the meat moist, or is this wasted effort?
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