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Originally Posted by Rusty_Barton View Post
Jello brings to mind other flavored powders. I wonder if you could use Tang, Country Time Lemonade, or KoolAid flavored powders in rubs and sauces?
I use Lemonade mix all the time in my rub. Works great. I'm going to branch out a bit and try the raspberry lemonade mix or the strawberry lemonade mix and see how that works.


Originally Posted by Papa Hogg View Post

All I will tell you at this point is I use the jello in place of sugar
On a one for one basis?


Originally Posted by AlabamaGrillBillies View Post
I've made some money off the shack sauce selling it at work. I make it with water instead of the grape soda. I personally don't like the sauce at all, but the people I work with suck it down like liquid gold.
Did you try the grape soda and decide that you like it with the water more? Or have you not tried it with the soda?


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