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Originally Posted by Bentley View Post
That is a no-no in a KCBS competition!
I know, it was non KCBS and it was a cooking class and Chicken and Ribs comp that benefitted a local charity, and a LOT of first time cookers attended, finished up some brisket and butts for some, mine were done and coolered, and like I said they were getting pretty frustrated, besides, the drums were hummin'!

Originally Posted by Bentley View Post
Question, I am gonna sell the UDS I made for the parts in it to a guy from the CBBQA. I bought 5#'s of charcoal today, am gonna start it tomorrow morning. Want to be able to give him some advice on how to tune the temps. How long a burn should I be able to get from 5lbs.?
I'll get @ 6 hours on a full Weber chimney of briqs in my small charcoal ring, I read somewhere that it holds @ 6 lbs.

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Cool, no pics. to share?
This thread here:
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