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Fired up my UDS yesterday afternoon at 2PM. Had 2 large CAB briskets. I used my spicewine charcoal rack from my bandera. Filled it with kingsford and 1 small log of oak.

Maintained about 210 for 14 hours. Pulled the briskets off at 4 AM.

I put the cover back on and shut down the vents. At 2PM today, I still had hot coals.

This was one of my best and consistent cooks on my UDS. When I made mine, I made a lot of mistakes drilling the holes for my grates. This time I made sure I plugged all those holes with foil.

I had also drilled 4 holes at the bottom for ventiliation. I kept those plugged almost the entire time.

I am using my weber kettle lid which I highly recommend for your UDS.
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