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Originally Posted by ipls3355 View Post
I got a couple food grade barrels with the coated inside. I built one farking hot fire in and around the barrels but it still has a good amount of the inside paint. The fire was 10 times hotter then any cook that would be done. Does all the inside paint need to be removed?
Originally Posted by rlic80 View Post
For those of you who've gone through these builds before, what do y'all think about this as a charcoal basket?

I plan on using a whole lot more char lumps than brickettes and it's low design would allow the fire to remain 24" below the grill grate. My only concern is the overall size in not being able to concentrate the fire in one tightly packed area, but rather over 18" or so.

Thoughts? I'm a first time builder and a newbie 'que-er.
Yes you need to get the inside liner out. use a weed burner from the outside. that will make it go fast.

for a basket if you dont want to assemble one, you can take a water pan from a ECB and drill holes in it and rest it on a grate near the bottom. i got a good 12 hour burn out of one of those.
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