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somebody shut me the fark up.
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no, 1 wall would not work, or rather, not work as well.

1 wall, and the heat transfer will light the next row. Instead of following an S pattern, it will ignite left to right or right to left and get the whole basket going, defeating the purpose.

I see UDS and Cabinet smoker. Your thinking might be vertical.

Put the charcoal box in a offset firebox in your mind. Air is coming in from one direction, passing through the box, then into the smoke chamber.

So if you light one end (down draft) the charcoal will light backwards (up draft) slowly following whatever shape you set the charcoal up in (In this charcoal basket, it follows an "S". On a full Bandera grate, I have even used a large "U" instead of the straight minion dump of some lit on a pile of unlit.)

Does this help? I look at my verticals like the WSM, and the basket is useless, but in an offset, its nice. I got one I rarely use, but its a Big Al original that is a prized possession (look in the picture gallery under modifications) This is a try chambered basket, and not an "S" basket.
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