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Default Spicewine Cleaning Question

I have the good fortune to be doing a festival on Labor Day weekend. They project anywhere from 5-10K people everyday for all four days of the weekend.

I have the temporary food service application submitted and it will be approved. One of the things that I have to do in between cooking is clean each rack in my spicewine.

In the past I just hose them down and scrub them as much as possible. Not really caring how clean or not clean it gets. The charred stuff gives it flavor. The Board of Health requires me to clean it to it's original shininess before I can cook on it again, though I'm pushing for them to let me give it a quick once over and go back to work.

Anyone have any success in this? Is there a fast and efficient way to clean my racks in the spicewine to that they get back there. Finding a wash tub for them is hard enough, let alone scrubbing them in public. I'm not complaining about it at all. I love my Ginny and dote on her almost as much as I do my boys and definitely more than my wife. It's just tricky with the cooking for the public.
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