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Originally Posted by Beertender View Post
You need a caster wheel on the front for easier maneuverability in the turns and for front stability and leveling. Also maybe a cane and some where to hang it for driver stability during the smoke. Maybe even a walker. Hmmmm just gave me an idea for a mobile smoker built from a walker with tennis balls on the front legs and all. You could take it too the cooler with you !
I love it, that's exactly the sort of genius idea that comes from brain storming...

I've decided against a caster or a single tripod leg in front for stability reasons. The height of the drum gives it a very unfavorable center of gravity. And nobody likes to see a 225* object full of hot grease and burning coals to fall over in a stiff breeze. A fixed, out-rigger type leg set-up is definately a part of my future. But I really like the walker-tenis ball concept. Maybe when I build one for my dad...
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