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Default It can happen in your backyard too.,3907762.story

E. coli in ground beef sickens 7 in Suffolk

Seven people in Suffolk were sickened in recent weeks after eating undercooked ground beef contaminated with E. coli bacteria, county health officials said yesterday.

In one case, a visiting 8-year-old North Carolina girl was hospitalized after her kidneys shut down, said Dr. Patricia Dillon, director of communicable diseases for Suffolk's health department. The girl remained hospitalized yesterday.

All the victims told health officials they ate hamburgers at home or at backyard barbecues.

. . . . Dillon said the analysis showed that the meats that sickened people here were contaminated in the production chain outside Suffolk.

There will always elements outside of our control, such as in this case, so it is important to completely control that which is within our realm in handling food safely once it is in our possession.

I wouldn't be surprised to find out that although contaminated elsewhere, that the situation may have been compounded after the fact by less than ideal handling practices.
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