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Default UUDS™ Foot-Operated Air Vents & Other Mods

Finally got to taking some photos of the Ultimate Ugly Drum Smoker™ MkI. The MkI is a development prototype and far uglier than it needs to be. But there's no sense gettin' all fancy before it's been proven.

The big news on the UUDS™ is the bottom mounted, foot-operated air vents (patent pending). No need for bending down, no more adding or removing plugs or foil... These babies are hip like a padded girdle and are what put the "ultimate" in the UUDS™.

WFO (open position)

Closed position. Note the effortlessness of the closing action. Literally minutes of painstaking design and development have gone into the lever action so that even an average Brethren can do it with out ever having to set down his beer...

Either end of the foot-operated air vents' range has an ergonomically designed stop with positive, tactile feedback. Much like the controls of a fine German automobile, the controls fall easily to hand... um, foot... with little to no adaptation period needed.

Volumetric airflow thru each foot-operated air vent has been precisely calculated to reach an optimum temperature of 225* at the first adjustment level on the low side of the operational range.

The key to the foot-operated air vent's original design (patent pending) is the use of a special Honda B20b valve spring and retainer system. This user-adjustable feature allows each individual to uniquely taylor the valve adjustment tension to suit his or her foot.

As is often the case with development prototypes of this sort, some things evolve more rapidly than others. We are thus already using the MkII fire-basket. The MkII fire-basket incorporates the ash pan as an integral component of the basket which reduces mess and ash (all over your driveway and clothes) by a significant amount.

In keeping with our efforts to develop good partnerships with component manufacturers and suppliers, we are please to announce the addition of the MAVERICK MOD MOUNT to the UUDS™ family of features. Recent supplies of the remote probe unit at Costco for $21 made this low-cost option too hard to pass up.

We hope you like the UUDS™ MkI. Your feedback matters to us. So please, tell us what you think.
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