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Originally Posted by AlabamaGrillBillies View Post
When postioning the first Food Grate. Does it need to be 24" from the bottom of the charcoal basket, ie 24" from the bottom grate, or 24" from the top of the charcoal basket, ie where the top of the pile of coal would be.
AGB...It's pretty much builder's choice, IMHO. I'm of the idea of putting your top and bottom grates in where you want 'em to fit your cooking style or if the drum has a desinated purpose (ie...large cuts of meat ~vs~ small ones ~vs~ all around utility), and second build your basket the way you want it. I think the distance is fairly forgiving and the first place to find any wiggle room if you need it...

My new basket cooks better than my old one even though it's 2-3" taller than the old one (about 18" from top of basket to top grate). That's my take on the sitcheeashun anyway...
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