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Default Drum roll for my new drum

took a few ideas from N8man and made this bad boy. only 2 air intakes 1" each. the basket is up on "legs", 1 big mofo exhaust. Managing the air has been tricky. the sucker got up to 280 and with everythign shut down it was at 230 90 minutes later. snuffed out the fire and restarted it, and with 1 valve open and the other closed I am at 210 after 30 minutes.

I also did my beer opener mod. For my side handle I took a weber replacement and threaded it with hanger steel and then bolted it on. I also used a tee nut as a therm probe holder. the magnet I used for air flow was a sticker magnet so i attached to the back of the remote and placed it on the air intake pipe....mistake as the magnet wasnt strong enough. I will look for more high powered magnet to attach.

in addition i drilled/bolted a second set of grate holder holes at 3" from the top. my thought process was that for rib tips, spares, and even some chucks or flats, i could layer without needing a weber lid.

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