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Try and make this short and sweet!

Ck, pieces obvoiusly need to be trimed to be uniform, if you think you are going to be able to just cook a bunch of theighs and then pick out six that match, I think you will be unpleasently surprised. Unlike some I think the color is good, it is tasty looking chicken. If you are going to use garnish I say go for it, can't have too much in my opinion! 8

Ribs do look buried in the garnish, so tight together hard for me to see in the picture if cut were jagged, I would have used more parsley, maybe just parsley in each cornor and a large amout of it, or none at all. 7

Same with the brisket, more parsley or lose it all together! Either KISS or go balls out! 7

Pork looks the best to me. I guess I am a minimalist! I like the amount in the box on this one. Simple green leaf and nothing else, bam! 8
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