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Welp, did some camping down at Truman Lake this weekend with five other families...22 folks total, a Yellow Lab and a half Pit Bull half Whippit chuck huntin' machine of a dog.

Took the trashcan along since no one mentioned what we were cooking on. Got there and found Smoky Joe and a standard issue forest service open pit concrete & steel HD grill...(not that there's anything wrong with that, but it was HOT outside). She chugged along all weekend even with various people constantly lifting the lid...Cooked with 50/50 lump and briqs. I dumped about beercan's worth of ashes out before putting it on the truck Sunday.

Saturday...20 ears of unshucked corn on the bottom grate with 4 large foil packs of taters 'n onions on the top grate along with 30 brats cooked, wrapped and holding. Oh, and an 8 pack of dogs for the crump snatchers. All on a something I can lift in an out of the pickup easily, bad back and all.

Thinking about modifying the bottom grate(s) with notches so they'll easily pass by the bolts that hold the top grate instead of having to angle it out. CLICK...or, maybe try a heavy duty butler tray hinge, drop~leaf hinge type set up for the top grate...

Hmmmm.....might just work.

Came away from the weekend with supplier of lined barrels, if & when needed (cultured marble products company, FYI). Also traded my spare SS hardware and notes for the angle iron and the welding on a new charcoal basket. I'd have given them up for free, but he offered first...

As of yesterday afternoon there are now 5 friends, 1 park ranger and 1 Benton county deputy spreading out around the Ozarks looking for barrels. It's craziness I tell ya...craziness.

Sorry for the long windage, but she sho' did shine this weekend...
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