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Originally Posted by Scrooge Fan View Post
Fired her up this morning at 7:00 am and as of right now, 8:22 pm, still going strong at 250 degrees
Sorry to be a pest, but I have yet another question. How do you build your fire to get a burn that long? Do you fill the fire box and only light a few coals on top and let it burn from the top down? How much charcoal do you light, 1/3 of a chimney? I assume the trick is to make sure you don't get too much charcoal going to early. Hard to tame down a hot fire.[/quote]

I pour about thirteen inches deep of charcoal into my basket,then place in four or five fist sized chunks of smoking wood, mixing it in so as to lite at different times during the burn. I then take from the center top of the filled basket about eight or nine pieces of charcoal, being careful to leave the voided space intact,and place that into my charcoal chimney to lite. Light it and let it ash over well, then carefully, I use long tongs, place the lit charcoal back into the void left earlier in the charcoal basket. I then, carefully, I wear good heavy silicone gloves, place the charcoal basket into the bottom center of the drum. About fifteen minutes later temps are up to 225-250 degrees and it's party time in the drum!!!
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