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Originally Posted by thirdeye View Post
That is a spiffy layout. The template would be idiot proof. At work we figure arc length on the outside diameter. Knowing that 8 holes evenly spaced in a circle will fall at 45 to each other, and working (for example) with a 24" diameter circle, each degree will equal .209". 45 will equal 9.42" measured on the outside diameter. Starting anywhere, we layout 7 locations at 9.42" apart. Then we snap a line from the center point of the circle to each of the 8 marks on the outside diameter. I like your idea better.

The engineers I work with have that information on the computer, it just never makes it into a template. The bad part is the young guys on the shop floor don't know there are 360 degrees in a circle and don't know what those little lines on a tape measure are.
I have said layout in a PDF Format at work, although at work I have access to a 54" inkjet printer and didn't have to tile print my copy, if anyone's interested, perhaps I could email the file...I'll have to check the file size....I need to pretty much make everything I do idiot proof....I am so easily distracted these days
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