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Originally Posted by N8man View Post
Thank you very much... This drum is an opened lid variety with a removable top.
In the picture of the build with the layout lines the drum is actually upside down. Attachment 8282I layed out the geometry on my computer for even placement of all the holes that I needed or thought I may need. I printed out the file and trimmed the paper to fit the bottom of the barrel. From there I made sure it was level and using a string with a weight attached I aligned the string to match the layout lines.Attachment 8283 I measured and marked upon the string the location of the hole to be drilled and transfered that to the drum itself.
Then, move string to next alignment, mark drum, etc.
That is a spiffy layout. The template would be idiot proof. At work we figure arc length on the outside diameter. Knowing that 8 holes evenly spaced in a circle will fall at 45 to each other, and working (for example) with a 24" diameter circle, each degree will equal .209". 45 will equal 9.42" measured on the outside diameter. Starting anywhere, we layout 7 locations at 9.42" apart. Then we snap a line from the center point of the circle to each of the 8 marks on the outside diameter. I like your idea better.

The engineers I work with have that information on the computer, it just never makes it into a template. The bad part is the young guys on the shop floor don't know there are 360 degrees in a circle and don't know what those little lines on a tape measure are.

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