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Default Rice, what's your favorite method

The corn on the cob thread that Tim started delivered some good information.

Let's try the same thing with rice as a side dish. Or, as part of a main dish as well I guess.

Let's hear them guys. What is your favorite way to cook that little white grain.

I love pineapple rice. That is one of my favorites.

Boil up your rice using a can of crushed pineapple as part of the liquid. I normally cook my rice in beef or chicken broth, but for this I have always used water. I don't know why. Maybe if they had pork broth I would use that.

Anyway, I also put a small amount of soy and a little sweet and sour sauce, but not too much of either. It's been a little while and I don't quite remember. I think I will have to make some this weekend.

I'll have the shovel ready for Brian when he gets back on and finds this thread.

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