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Originally Posted by tony76248 View Post
After I have applied rub to my butt, I will place it in a disposable aluminum pan then cook (I smoke just about everything at 225) it that way until an internal temp of 200 is achieved, it will normally take all night. Then once I have that temp, I will pour all of the grease/liquids from the pan (there will be a bunch) and I will then wrap with foil or just place foil over the pan, I will then place in cooler until ready to pull/serve. Some folks will reapply the rubs at some point during the cook or just prior to foiling, that will be your call. Also if you use the aluminum pan you can pour out the grease and add some apple juice prior to letting rest in the cooler.
Tony, Is this ok to do when cooking on a kettle? I usually use a water pan next to the coals under the meat, would this still work?
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