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Originally Posted by BadBoysBBQ View Post
If you do it hot your gonna have to go by feel or temp probe. The same tules still apply though. Get that 1.5 hours per pound out of your head. If this is your first one then you can use that rule as a very rough and I mean very rough time estimate but the thing is done when it's done. At high heat 300-325 remove the fat cap, rub her down with little sugar in your rub and cook it. Every 20 minutes to half hour flip it and rotate the meat. When it starts to look nice and crusty or at 160 internal wrap it in foil with a little apple juice and still flip it every half hour. Your butt should be done in 4 hours at 325. You have to feel your meat. Press it with your fingers..does it feel mushy like a rare steak? If it does then your done, or when it hits 200-205.

Thats great info, thanks. Looks like I can scale back the amout of time needed a bit, and like you said its done when its done, but more like 6 or 7 hours prior to serving I will start rather than 10 hours. Thanks again.
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