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Originally Posted by N8man View Post
2" pipe for exhaust threaded into bung hole..
1" pipe for air intakes...I used a 1.25" hole saw for drilling
3 evenly spaced holes around the bottom of the drum, centered 1.75"
from the bottom, then threaded 1" pipe nipples into the holes and
secured with 1" conduit lock nuts on the outside of the drum.
Attachment 8201
The vertical pipe is 30"s long and keeps an
old fat man from rolling on the ground!!!!
Sheet magnets are available at Craft and Hobby Stores.
As long as they aren't near the heat, they work wonderful!
Now I'm confused. In the picture I could only see one air intake-the pipe running from the bottom all the way to the top.

Are there actually two more 1" air intakes with no pipe running to the top? Does the 30" pipe keeps an old fat man from rolling on the ground only 1/3 of the time? Are the two bottom ones mostly plugged, as shown? Do you use the sheet magnets on the other two also? Sorry to be so dense.
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