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Default Rednecked Drum Food Pron

Here it is....
I got some spare ribs and seasoned with salt, pepper
and garlic powder then some country style ribs and
a fatty seasoned with Magic Dust..
I fired up 8 pieces of Kingsford and added it to my basket
of Mesquite Charcoal with four pieces of Hickory chunks.
In 15 minutes the drum was at 225 degrees and I added the meat.
Drum just a chuggin' along
You better choke back the air intake before
you lift the lid or it will spike!!!
Meal complete!!! With Garden Peas seasoned with Lemon Pepper
and drizzled in Olive Oil topped with Sweet 'n Hot Peppers, Deviled Baked Taters seasoned with Magic Dust,
and Pan Fried Corn Bread with rough chopped Sweet
Onion and Garlic Texas Pete added to the batter!!!
With a little Bourbon on the Side,(cuts through the edge!!!)
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