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Just don't tell your friends about the UDS!
Especially don't tell them that you got a big supply of drum too!

It is hot as hell here today (94 degrees in the shade, 105 is my shop!, 95% humidity) and I have may ass out there building a drum for a friend of mine! He is on the way to help me finish. He wants to give it to has father in law for a father's day present so we are pushed to get it built. The things you do for true friends.

This is drum #11 I have built in the past year! I have all of my friends and family cooking on the drum! Brother, cousins, friends, etc.!

One thing for sure....I have a lot of "favors" that people owe me for the future!

OH YeaH! I have kept three for myself. They have been retrofitted with thermostated controlled fans so I just set and forget. (I do not built these types for friends...If they want to modify they are on their own!)
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