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Originally Posted by Solidkick View Post
Point well made.......I just talked to Chris from the contest and he stated he'd heard there was "smack talk" going on about the people choice.....
Like I stated above, after how it effected how T and I worked together at Fulton doing their People's Choice, we elected not to do it. If it was all 4 of us Belly Brothers cooking it, then I'd say, "Hell Yea!"

Sooooooooo........from this post forward, let's keep our comments about cooking the Peoples Choice to "Yes I am cooking, or No I'm not cooking"
anything else will be edited or deleted.....we owe that to the promoters of the contest........THANKS A BUNCH!!!

Awesome we will see you there..Mark will be there sometime in the morning with all the kids I can not get off work so I will not be there until later in the evening..Hopefully there will be some cold beer left for me to drink

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