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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by willkat98 View Post
Its blue

And it comes from a hog, silly.

(Its a really good cumin raspberry chit (per Phil) heavy on the molassis or some other thick sweetner)

Todd, your supply problems are not exclusive to you. Hawgeyes is consistently "Out of Stock" on Blues Hog just like you were.

Is Blues Hog the one where the guy refuses to make more that a couple hundred gallons at a time, to ensure his recipe remains true (over his sons objections, I think)

That could have been "Show Me" sauce out of Columbia.

Hey Todd, you distribute Show Me and you'll have another list of customers here.

There would be a run on meatloaf makings if you ever do carry it!
Distribution was never a problem for me. Its made here in KC now so I could get product whenever I needed it.

Per the small batches and such... you aren't thinking of Blues Hog. Bill has no son's and he doesn't make the sauce himself anymore.

I'm trying to stick with my own products for right now. The online retailing was a good gig, but its now become a fine line between getting my own product into stores and online retailers and competing with them for customers. Right now, I'm laying low and trying to focus on my own rub which is starting to take off. Want to invest time into a couple other products that I've been working on.
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