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somebody shut me the fark up.

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I don't (so why the heck am I posting?)

Well, because you have a short window time here.

So I'll offer up some tips, that you might either say, good point, or more likely say NSDA (No Sh-- Dumb A--)

Your avatar is your trailer I assume. It looks like it could be vending trailer or competition trailer. I have no idea what you are doing so please disregard the following if I'm stupid. This is from a business guy who has done some advertising.

- What is the radius in miles of your competition/vending schedule?
- How many people live in that radius?
- How many highways are used to get to those destinations?
- Are those destinations still within the potential advertisers market?

What you need to quantify is eyeballs. How many people will see your trailer, whether parked vending at the county fair or on the competition circuit that are within the advertisers sphere of influence.

I know you said local cable company, but just what is "local" to them. It could actually mean a lot further out then you think.

If you also do benefit cooks/concessions, any local festivals, etc., look up last years headcount at each.

Its all about the potential eyeballs.

If you can show them they have the potential to reach 100,000 eyeballs in varied venues over the next few months, thats a selling point.

Whats a fair price? What is add space in your local paper for 6 months?

Incentives? Have them not only pay you a fee, but also help with your cost picture. Example, you have a printer put your logo onto napkins you use for vending. Lest say thats $500 annually (I have no clue).

Tell this cable company that "for just $500 more, you will have your name on every napkin for everything we sell. Last year, we sold 38,500 plates, that equated to alot of napkins and name referrals."

Sorry I can't be of more help. In fact, I'm really not answering your questions so I am of no help.

But I didn't want you to have no answers for tomorrow but I have NO bbq vending experience, just a ton of business experience

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