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Default Judged my first Comp...

I judged my first comp this past weekend. It was the Sertoma 48 in Lawrence, KS.

Congrats to the Meatheads for their 1st in chicken and 3rd overall.

You can look at turn in pRon here on the Brethren all day long but justice is not done until you see the real deal.

There were a lot of good looking boxes and some not so good.

Discussion go back and forth here on the Brethren on what cooks turn in and how it works for them.

Well this is what I saw.

Chicken- The majority of the boxes were thighs. Some were displayed skin up, others skin down. Both looked good. One entry at my table was breasts. There were two large boneless breasts with skin sitting side by side streaching from the top to the bottm of the box. They were sliced across into several portions. The entry would have scored higher on appearance if the skin was cleanly sliced. My piece was juicy and I scored it well on the two remaining criteria.

Ribs- I was expecting to see a lot of baby back entries. At my table there was only one. Every thing else were St. Louis cut spares. All looked good but some better than others. Some fell off the bone only where I took a bite, others fell off with my bite. I even had one that did not come off the bone.

Pork- My table had only five enties for pork. I was expecting to see a lot of pulled entries. We had one. Everything else was sliced and and chunked not chopped. One entry had almost inch thick slices. Over cooked was my first thought and over cooked it was. It just about fell apart when I picked it up.

Brisket- All the entries were sliced as expected. Some were just slices but others contained portions of chopped and some with burnt ends. One entry scored really well on appearance. As soon as I gripped it in the box, I knew scores were about to change. I picked it up and held it up. It stood straight up and did not flop over as the other entries did. When I tried to pull it apart, I had to pull pull pull until it finally came apart.

I scored my entries as honestly as I could. I was firm but fair.

Do I know it all? No, but being a member here helps trendously. I look forward to judging more. I look forward to compeating more. My wife even asked me when the next judge class was. It brought a tear to my eye. Man I love this hobby.
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