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Default The Snortin' Boar NY

Team name: The Snortin' Boar (formerly HellFire BBQ)
Bio: Been at it awhile
Web site:
Upcoming events: A few
Location info: NY
Sanctioning body info: KCBS
Contact info: Jim (can message me here at first)

Ok, now that stuff is out of the way. Having a baby this spring and my right hand (wife) will not be able to make some of the comps. So, I am looking for a part/full time partner to do some comps this year.

I can talk to about details through messaging/phone calls, but here are a few. Looking for either someone new or with some experience. Either way is fine. I will show you everything I know, so you can venture out on your own at some point with a bit of knowledge. I have the complete setup and you would only need to bring what you need for the comps.

That's all for now, feel free to get in touch if you have any interest.
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