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Default How much sugar do you use in your pork rib rubs?

I experiment a lot with rubs when smoking ribs. But one thing I heard on a bbq video I've got with the guy from the formerly known "Oklahoma Joes" cooking team was that most people do not use enough brown sugar when making their rubs for pork (ribs & butts). He said one of the secrets behind their championship rubs was the amount of sugar they put in their rubs. Now of course he didn't specify how much sugar they use.

I was curious as to the amount of sugar many of y'all use in y'all's rubs. I most of the time use between one cup to cup and a half. I've backed off (in my experimental times) of the sugar to like one fourth cup and kept the rest of the ingredients the same and the rub was just too much for pork ribs.

How much do y'all usually use for your pork rib rubs?

Thanks in advance.
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