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Default KCBS and judging?

Does a promoter have sole discreation and final say over the make up of judges at a KCBS scantioned event? ie. Can a promoter put in a non-CBJ just because they are the promoter? I got to go to the Jack last October with another team and was somewhat suprised to find out how many celebrity judges are used. But I am not realy familier with the rules of the Jack or the Royal for that matter, (as my friend John Ross knows) maybe they just follow guidelines and are not KCBS scantioned?

Maybe some of the KCBS board members who read this forum could there anything in the KCBS rules that say if the event is KCBS scantioned, absolute preference must be given to a CBJ, right of 1st refusal so to speak?

Have posted this on a couple of different forums, am very curious as to what the answer is!
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