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Originally Posted by bbqneo View Post
Two problems: 1)Contest rules indicate meats must be turned in 5 minutes before to 5 minutes after the scheduled time; 2)rules do not allow for precooked meats. Having my family wait for the meat to be done is no problem, but I was simply trying to get some advice from others while I prepare and try to figure out how to get 4 different meats done on time for a contest.
Neither is a problem. This is how we do it. We start our cooker at 7 PM the night before turn-in. We make sure our cooker is stable and at the cooker is at the temp we want to cook at. Then we put our butts and briskets in. If the meats cooperate they are in a cooler at 7 to 8 am, resting until we need them. We need 3 hours for ribs and chicken so we start cooking them at 8:30. They are both cooked at higher temps so it works out well. We cook 12 to 14 lb packers and 8 lb boston butts. Every piece of meat cooks differently so if your meat cooks slower you may need to wrap it and put it back in the cooker to speed the cooking time.
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