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The boxes are the exact same chicken, the left was with a slight glaze to shine them up after coming off the smoker, the right box is right out of the smoker after setting the glaze.

I know the bottom two legs don't have glaze, as I mentioned in the notes we were also testing our rub for just taste without any sauce. As this was a practice we didn't do every leg the exact same way.

Originally Posted by Okie Sawbones View Post
The left box, 8 on appearance, due to uneven glaze. It looks like you missed the front two. Bones are fine.

The right box, 8 or 9, since sauce is NOT required. I'd need to see this in person, because the middle one on the right looks splotchy from the picture.

Despite what I've read from some forums, I still see lollipop chicken and cupcake chicken, more so the former.

I just gave a 9-9-8 to a lollipop chicken last Saturday -- excellent flavor but a tad overcooked.
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