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Default First EDS Brisket

Well finally worked up enough gumption thanks to you all to do a brisket.
Sweet talked a co-worker into not having his half of beef's brisket turned into burger (he wanted BBQ brisket in payment). Unfortunatly our local buther does'nt appear to know squat about trimming a brisket.
untrimed brisket..jpg
Ther doesn't seem to be a pronounced point, just a little chunk
Untrimed Brisket.jpg
I did a lot of trimming trying not to overdo it. Check out the oile of fat on the paper in back.
injected & rubbed.jpg
I injected it with a mix of beef stock and worchestershire and just used my normal rub.
chugging at 245.jpg
Stuck it in the EDS around 8 am and she was a chuggin along at 235*
chugging at 245.jpg
Pulled it off at 1 pm @ 208 * internal ( didn't feel good with inserting probe before then), foiled and collered for two hours.
Looked pretty good sliced.
For lack of a better idea just made brisket hoagies with tots. As usual had to listen to the wife go on and on about it.
Also did a 6.5 lb butt and about 11 lbs of brined chicked for pulling.
Thanks all for the help.
OK I screwed up the order for pictures. So sue me.
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